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As you needed to complete forms when you left, you will need to fill in forms when you return. The easiest way is to contact the consulate where you are registered to sort out your situation. You will have to establish a fully detailed inventory of your furniture. A moving form attestation is often demanded when you pass the border (you can ask for it at your Consulate).

As soon as you know that you are moving:

- Notify your landlord by registered mail and find out if you need to make any repairs to your home or do any redecorating.

- Take into account that you will also have to show the property to prospective tenants (which makes your life even busier as you are trying to arrange your move).

- If you a re organizing the move yourself you must contact moving companies right away.

- Inform the following of your departure and give your new address:
  • Government authorities: at the town hall and the provincial level, give them the date of your departure. Find out if you can get your driver's license back.
  • Tax authorities: you might be entitled to refunds.
- Children's schools:
  • Find out if there is a penalty for cancelling the fees.
  • Make sure the school gives you all the documents necessary for your children's new school.
- Bank:
  • Cancel automatic withdrawals and standing orders.
  • If you have a safe deposit box, you should cancel the automatic payment and empty it out.
  • It is best not to close your account right away since you may be getting refunds back from utility companies, tax authorities, the guarantee of your lease, and others.
- Post office:
  • Have mail forwarded (reexpedir). You must present your local post office with your name and your old and new address. There's no official form and shouldn't rely on your mail being redirected.

- Utilities: television, cable, Internet provider, water, electricity/gas, phone. Do not wait till the last moment since some companies require a notice a couple of weeks in advance.

- Insurance companies: cancel your policies and check whether you can get money back for the period after your cancellation. It is also very important to get an accident record (whether you were responsible for accidents) from your insurance company. This will help you get a better insurance rate in your new home country (if you had a good record of course). Make sure it is in English or in the language of the country you are going to.

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Update 9/11/2015


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