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TV Licence doesn't exist in Spain (since the years 1970). It is paid by adverts (one said that it is the reason why advertisments last 15 minutes...).
Adverts are very frequents: during the news, there is an advert for the sport section, in the Spanish TV series actors are promoting products just before the film (it's deceitful as there is only a word at the top of the screen that displays telepromocion when they talk about the product, and not during all the advert).

The standards for television reception in Spain aren't the same as in some other countries. Due to the differences in transmission standards, television sets and video recorders operating on the British (PAL-I), French (SECAM) or North American (NTSC) systems won't function in Spain. Spain (along with most other continental European countries) uses the PAL-BG standard.

In addition to terrestrial TV, satellite TV reception is excellent in most areas of Spain and is particularly popular among the expatriate community (not that much of it's output is any better than Spanish TV). Cable TV isn't common in Spain compared with northern European countries, although it is increasing and people expect to have about 5 millions of subscribers soon.

A satellite receiver should have a built-in Videocrypt decoder (and others such as Eurocrypt, if required) and be capable of receiving satellite stereo radio. With a 1.2 or 1.5 meter motorized dish, you can receive hundreds of stations in a multitude of languages from around the world. If you wish to receive satellite TV on two or more TVs, you can buy a satellite system with two or more receptors. To receive stations from two or more satellites simultaneously, you need a motorized dish or a dish with a double feed antenna (dual LNBs).

Update 20/09/2005


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Free US TV
I have started using a new free US TV service from USTVNow
They give you all of the major networks live in full screen. It really is completely free and I didn't have to give my CC or even download any software! They don't IP block but require you to authenticate that you are an American Citizen or resident (takes 30 seconds). There is a very cool network DVR so I can record shows even if they are not in my time zone. I may upgrade to one of their paid plans with more channels but you can just use the free plan. After a quick registration, you have instant access. I also like that the paid plans have no setup fee and require no contract. They say they will soon have a set top box available that they say should work with any kind of TV. This is great!



I live in rural area of Spain
and it was a real pain to get internet access.

Hence, I had to sign up to a satellite internet service.

I used a UK based company who also work within Europe

They offer 2 way satellite internet which is really quick and reliable.



US TV in Spain
When I go overseas, I have been using a service from a company called NationPhone&TV called USATVAbroad. The website is I get a 200 channel US Cable subscription with all major networks plus HBO and Showtime streamed live via internet and use their set top box to watch on my TV.



English TV in Spain
The people at sell receivers for the purpose of UK tv abroad for all of Europe and can arrange installer in some parts of Spain including costa-del-sol and lanzarote



UK TV by satellite
UK / American TV is also available by satellite from

 Angela C Le Pera


TV licence in Spain?
Hello, just to let you know that I have lived in Spain for the last 32 years and you don't need a TV licence. Of course we have Channel + (canal +) and other private channels but it does not work as here in the UK. You don't need a TV licence.

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